22 November 2008

Preservation of Web Resources (2008)

Title: PoWR. The Preservation of Web Resources Handbook
Year: 2008
Pages: 104
PDF: link (751 Kb)
For more information please check the handbook website here

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: What do we mean by preservation?
Chapter 2: What's on your web?
Chapter 3: What risks and issues are peculiar to websites?
Chapter 4: What are your web archiving requirements?
Chapter 5: Selection
Chapter 6: Web Capture: what and how?
Chapter 7: Tools for the job
Chapter 8: Web Content Management Systems (CMS)
Chapter 9: What approaches and techniques can you use?
Chapter 10: Who wants to keep what, why, and for how long?
Chapter 11: How do we appraise the value of a web resource?
Chapter 12: What about Web 2.0?
Chapter 13: Scenarios and case studies

Chapter 14: What are the drivers for web archiving?
Chapter 15: Some personal perspectives on web preservation
Chapter 16: Responsibility for preservation of web resources
Chapter 17: Institutional strategy
Chapter 18: What policies exist?
Chapter 19: How can you effect change?
Chapter 20: Information Lifecycle Management: Creation
Chapter 21: Can other people do it for you?

APPENDIX A: Legal Matters
APPENDIX B: Records management: A guide for webmasters

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