25 February 2010

Archaeological Sites in the Maya Area (2009)

Title: Archaeological Sites in the Maya Area: A Conservation Challenge
Editor: Carolina Castellanosb and Françoise Descamps
Publisher: The Getty Conservation Institute
Year: 2009
Pages: 32
Download: http://www.getty.edu/... (pdf, 1.1 Mb)

This book contains the abstracts of presentations and summary of discussions from panel presented at the XXII Simposio de Investigaciones Arqueológicas in Guatemala City. For the full-length presentations in their original Spanish-language form and summary of discussions please follow this link.

Table of Contents (short version):

1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. Structure and content of the discussion panel
4. Considerations derived from the discussion panel
5. Panel schedule
6. Abstracts
7. Author biographies

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