09 February 2010

CCI Notes

Title: CCI Notes
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CCI Notes deal with topics of interest to those who care for cultural objects. Intended for a broad audience, the Notes offer practical advice about issues and questions related to the care, handling, and storage of cultural objects. Many Notes are illustrated, and provide bibliographies as well as suggestions for contacting suppliers. Written by CCI staff, there are currently over 100 Notes in this ever-expanding series.


Care of Collections -- General Guidelines
N1/2 Cleaning Glass and Acrylic Display Cases
N1/3 Closing a Museum for the Winter
N1/4 Making Triwall Containers
N1/5 Applying Registration Numbers to Paintings and Sculptures
N1/6 Time Capsules
N1/7 Mercury in Museum Collections

Preventive Conservation
N2/1 Ultraviolet Filters
N2/3 Track Lighting
N2/6 Fire Protection Issues for Historic Buildings
N2/7 Museum Fires and Losses
N2/8 Automatic Sprinkler Systems for Museums

The Museum Environment: Biological Factors
N3/1 Preventing Infestations: Control Strategies and Detection Methods
N3/2 Detecting Infestations: Facility Inspection Procedure and Checklist
N3/3 Controlling Insect Pests with Low Temperature
N3/4 Psocids or "Book Lice": a Warning of Dampness

Archaeological and Field Conservation
N4/1 Identifying Archaeological Metal
N4/2 Vacuum Freeze-drying Archaeological Artifacts
N4/3 Conservation of Wet Faunal Remains: Bone, Antler, and Ivory

Ceramics and Glass
N5/1 Care of Ceramics and Glass (1997)

Ethnographic Materials
N6/1 Care of Ivory, Bone, Horn and Antler (1988)
N6/2 Care of Basketry (1988)
N6/3 Care of Canoes, Kayaks and Umiaks (1989)
N6/4 Care of Objects Decorated with Glass Beads (1994)
N6/5 Care of Quillwork (1991)
N6/7 Totem Poles Displayed Indoors (2002)
N6/8 Totem Poles Displayed Outside (2002)

Furniture and Wooden Objects
N7/1 Care and Cleaning of Unfinished Wood (2002)
N7/2 Care of Furniture Finishes (2002)

Leather, Skin, and Fur
N8/1 Removing Mould from Leather (1993)
N8/2 Care of Alum, Vegetable, and Mineral Tanned Leather (1992)
N8/3 Care of Mounted Specimens and Pelts (1988)
N8/4 Care of Rawhide and Semi-Tanned Leather (1992)

N9/1 Recognizing Active Corrosion (1997)
N9/2 Storage of Metals (1995)
N9/3 The Cleaning, Polishing and Protective Waxing of Brass and Copper (1988)
N9/4 Basic Care of Coins, Medals and Medallic Art (1997)
N9/5 Tannic Acid Treatment (1997)
N9/6 Care and Cleaning of Iron (1995)
N9/7 Silver – Care and Tarnish Removal (1997)
N9/8 Mechanical Removal of Rust from Machined Ferrous Surfaces (1996)
N9/9 Care of Objects Made of Zinc (2002)

Paintings and Polychrome Sculptures
N10/1 Cleaning Paintings: Precautions (1995)
N10/10 Backing Boards for Paintings on Canvas (1993)
N10/11 Condition Reporting - Paintings. Part III: Glossary of Terms (1994)
N10/12 Removing a Painting from its Frame (1993)
N10/13 Basic Handling of Paintings (1993)
N10/14 Care of Paintings on Ivory, Metal, and Glass (1993)
N10/15 Paintings: Considerations Prior to Travel (1993)
N10/16 Wrapping a Painting (1998)
N10/17 Know Your Paintings-Structure, Materials, and Aspects of Deterioration (2002)
N10/2 Making Padded Blocks (1995)
N10/3 Storage and Display Guidelines for Paintings (1993)
N10/4 Environmental and Display Guidelines for Paintings (1993)
N10/5 Emergency Treatment of Water-Damaged Paintings on Canvas (1997)
N10/6 Condition Reporting - Paintings. Part I: Introduction (1993)
N10/7 Condition Reporting - Paintings. Part II: Examination Techniques and a Checklist (1993)
N10/8 Framing a Painting (1993)
N10/9 Keying Out of Paintings (1993)

Paper and Books
N11/1 Making Protective Enclosures for Books and Paper Artifacts (1996)
N11/10 Encapsulation (1995)
N11/2 Storing Works on Paper (1995)
N11/3 Glazing Materials for Framing Works on Paper (1996)
N11/4 Wheat Starch Paste (1993)
N11/5 Matting Works on Paper (1997)
N11/6 Removing Paper Artifacts from Their Frames (1993)
N11/7 Basic Care of Books (1995)
N11/8 Display Methods for Books (1994)
N11/9 Framing Works of Art on Paper (1995)

Stone and Plaster
N12/1 Care of Argillite (1992)
N12/2 Care of Objects Made of Plaster of Paris (2002)

Textiles and Fibres
N13/1 Textiles and the Environment (1992)
N13/10 Stitches Used in Textile Conservation (1995)
N13/11 Natural Fibres (1996)
N13/12 Storage for Costume Accessories (1994)
N13/13 Commercial Dry Cleaning of Museum Textiles (1995)
N13/14 Testing for Colourfastness (1996)
N13/15 Mould Growth on Textiles (1996)
N13/2 Flat Storage for Textiles (1993)
N13/3 Rolled Storage for Textiles (1993)
N13/4 Velcro Support System for Textiles (1996)
N13/5 Hanging Storage for Costumes (1994)
N13/6 Mounting Small, Light, Flat Textiles (1995)
N13/7 Washing Non-coloured Textiles (1993)
N13/8 Applying Accession Numbers to Textiles (1994)
N13/9 Anionic Detergent (1992)

Planning for Disaster Management
N14/1 Emergency Preparedness for Cultural Institutions: Introduction (1995)
N14/2 Emergency Preparedness for Cultural Institutions: Identifying and Reducing Hazards (1995)

Modern Materials and Industrial Collections
N15/1 Care of Objects Made from Rubber and Plastic (1997)
N15/2 Care of Machinery Artifacts Displayed or Stored Outside (1993)
N15/3 Display and Storage of Museum Objects Containing Cellulose Nitrate (1994)
N15/4 Indoor Display of Industrial Collections (1998)
N15/5 Lubrication for Industrial Collections (2002)
N15/6 Trade Literature for Industrial Collections (2002)
N15/7 Rubber Components in Industrial Collections (2002)

Care of Photographic Materials
N16/1 Care of Encased Photographic Images (1995)
N16/2 Care of Black-and-White Photographic Glass Plate Negatives (1995)
N16/3 Care of Black-and-White Photographic Negatives on Film (1996)
N16/4 Care of Black-and-White Photographic Prints (1996)
N16/5 Care of Colour Photographic Materials (1996)
N16/6 Processing Contemporary Black-and-White Photographic Films and Papers (1996)

Spot Tests in Conservation
N17/1 The Beilstein Test: Screening Organic and Polymeric Materials for the Presence of Chlorine, with Examples of Products Tested (1993)
N17/2 The Diphenylamine Spot Test for Cellulose Nitrate in Museum Objects (1994)

Conservation Equipment
N18/3 Construction of a "Soft" Profile Gauge (1997)

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