21 March 2010

digital art characterisation techniques (2009)

Title: Report on emerging digital art characterisation techniques
Author: Andrew McHugh, Leonidas Konstantelos, Matthew Barr
Publisher: Planets
Year: 2009
Pages: 39
Download: http://www.planets-project.eu/... (pdf, 374 Kb)

The preservation, or conservation of digital art confronts us with a range of challenges, eclipsing many of the difficulties posed by more mainstream digital resources like documents and images. In this, digital art is not alone, with many of the most critical questions shared by conservators of contemporary art more generally. Issues of context, of interpretation and perceived value are all critical, but rarely clear cut. Preservation of art may itself be an impossible goal; instead, one might realistically aim only to create and collate sufficient documentation capable of conveying meaning and impact to a future audience, with perhaps one eye on its recreation where necessary at a later date.

Table of Contents (short version):

1. Introduction
2. Approaching a Vocabulary for Context Classification
3. Documentation of Intrinsic Aspects of Contemporary Art
4. Art Conservation Practice and Planets

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