02 April 2010

Article: Reflectance spectroscopy of natural dyes (2009)

Title: Reflectance spectroscopy of natural dyes
Authors: S. Acquaviva, E. D’Anna, M. L. De Giorgi, A. Della Patria, M. Fantuzzi, S. Omarini, R. Piccolo
Reference: DGaO Proceedings 2009
ISSN: 1614-8436
Download: http://www.dgao-proceedings.de/... (pdf, 67 Kb)

Physical and chemical properties of Madder, Weld, Turmeric and Woad, produced at the Museo dei Colori Naturali (Lamoli, Italy), have been investigated. The chromatic properties of powders and tempera models have been studied through the reflectance spectroscopy technique. Micro-Raman and SEM/EDX analyses have complemented the survey.

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