04 June 2010

Proceedings: Strategies for Saving Our Cultural Heritage (2007)

Title: Strategies for Saving Our Cultural Heritage
Editors: V. Argyropoulos, A. Hein and M. Abdel-Harith
Reference: International Conference on Strategies for Saving Indoor Metallic Collections, Cairo 25 February - 1 March 2007
Link: http://www.promet.org.gr/...

Note: Resource kindly indicated by Goran Budija

Table of Contents:

Strategies for Saving Indoor Metallic Collections

G.M. Ingo, G. Padeletti, T. de Caro, C. Riccucci, G. Guida, E. Angelini and S. Grassini, Microchemical investigation of ancient silver and gold plated objects: Coating techniques and degradation mechanisms, 9-13. [pdf]

V.K. Gouda, Z.M. El-Baradie and M. Eldamaty: Survey of Precious Metal Production in Ancient Egypt, pp 15-22. [pdf]

O. Abdel-Kareem and Z. Al Saad, Conservation strategy of metal embroidery threads in textile objects in Museum of Jordanian Heritage, pp. 23-30. [pdf ]

C. Degrigny, D. Vella, S. Golfomitsou and J. Crawford, Characterisation of corrosion product layers on atmospherically corroded historic ferrous objects: Application to the armour of the Palace Armoury, Valletta, Malta, pp. 31-39. [pdf]

M. Lage, A. Bautista, J.C. Suárez, J. Espona and F. Velasco, X-ray investigation of Goya's engraving plates: Identification of conservation state and engraving techniques, pp. 40-45 [pdf]

S. Chlouveraki, K. Melessanaki and D. Anglos: LIBS as an identification and documentation tool in the conservation process: applications at the W.D.E. Coulson Conservation Laboratory, INSTAP-SCEC, pp. 46-52. [pdf]

P. Mottner, Early Warning Dosimeters for Monitoring Indoor Museum Climate: Environmental Inpact Sensors and LightCheckTM, pp. 53-57. [pdf]

J. Novakovic and P. Vassiliou, Corrosion of Silver Alloy Artefacts in Soil, pp. 58-63. [pdf]

D. Knotkova, K. Kreislova, B. Kreibichova and I. Kudlacek, Indoor corrosivity in the National Museum Depositary, Prague, the Czech Republic, pp. 64-71. [pdf]

A. Elhassan, G. Cristoforetti, S. Legnaioli, V. Palleschi, A. Salvetti, E. Tognoni, G.M. Ingo and M.A. Harith, LIBS calibration curves and determination of limits of detection (LOD) in single and double pulse configuration for quantitative LIBS analysis of bronzes, pp. 72-77. [pdf]

R. Fantoni, L. Caneve, F. Colao, L. Fornarini, V. Lazic and V. Spizzichino, Determination of composition of quarternary bronzes allouys (Cu, Sn, Zn Pb) by means of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, 78-84. [pdf]

J. Crawford, C. Degrigny, Q. Glorieux, P. Bugeja and D. Vella, A standardised remote monitoring photographiccapture system (RMPCS) for in-situ documentation of corrosion protection system tests, pp. 85-92. [pdf]

V. Kantarelou, A.G. Karydas, Ch. Zarkadas, M. Giannoulaki and V. Argyropoulos, Micro-XRF Analysis of High Tin Bronze Mirrors at the museum of Ancient Messene in Greece, pp. 93-99. [pdf]

S. Legnaioli, G. Cristoforetti, V. Palleschi, A. Salvetti and E. Tognoni, In situ LIBS and XRF analysis of the Porticello bronze statues at National Museum of Magna Grecia in Reggio Calabria, pp. 100-104. [pdf]

J.J. Laserna, L.M. Cabalín and F.J. Fortes, LIBS as an advanced tool in the chronocultural study of archaeometallurgical objects, pp. 105-109. [pdf]

A. Bautista, M. Lage and F. Velasco, Electrochemical Study of the Corrosion Behaviour of Electroplated Copper Plates,. pp. 110-114. [pdf]

A. Siatou, V. Argyropoulos, D. Charalambous, K. Polikreti and A. Kaminari: Testing new coating systems for the protection of metal collections in uncontrolled museum environment, pp. 115-120. [pdf]

E. Cano, D.M. Bastidas, V. Argyropoulos and A. Siatou, Electrochemical techniques as a tool for testing the efficiency of protection systems for historical steel objects, pp.121-126. [pdf]

S. Grassini, E. Angelini, R. d'Agostino, F. Palumbo and G.M. Ingo, Advanced plasma treatment for cleaning and protecting precious metal artefacts, pp. 127-131. [pdf]

P. Vassiliou, J. Novacovic and K. Samara, Copper alloys and silver artefacts protection by coatings with nano-alumina pigments, pp. 132-137. [pdf]

N. Hajjaji, F.Z. El Harrif, C. Kaouane, A. Srhiri, H. Taknouti and K. Rahmouni: Conservation problems and a new method of protection: The case of bronzes at the Archaeological Museum of Rabat, Morocco, pp. 138-142. [pdf]

A. Dermaj, D. Chebabe, H. Hammouch, M. Goursa, N. Hajjaji and A. Srhiri: Atmospheric corrosion inhibition of historical steel by FPTS formulation based of triazole-thione, pp. 143-148. [pdf]

H. Hammouch, A. Dermaj, M. Goursa, N. Hajjaji and A. Srhiri: New Corrosion Inhibitor Opuntia ficus indica Seed Extract for Bronze and Iron-Based Artefacts, pp. 149-155. [pdf]

S. Hollner, F. Mirambet, A. Texier, E. Rocca and J. Steinmetz, Development of new non-toxic corrosion inhibitors for cultural property made of iron and copper alloys, pp. 156-161. [pdf]

N. Haddad, A. Arafat and B. Sallam, Current Conservation Practices of Metallic Objects at Archaeological Sites in Jordan, pp. 162-165. [pdf]

V. Argyropoulos, M. Giannoulaki, G.P. Michalakakos and A. Siatou, A survey of the types of corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings used for the conservation of metal objects from museum collections in the Mediterranean basin, pp. 166-170. [pdf]

E. Drakaki, A.A. Serafetinides, I. Zargioti, C. Vlachou-Mogire and N. Boukos, Experimental study on the effect of wavelength and fluence in the laser cleaning of silvering in Late Roman coins, pp. 171-176. [pdf]

Z. Al-Saad and M. Bani-Hani: Corrosion behavior and preservation of Islamic Silver Alloy Coins, pp. 177-183. [pdf]

E. Angelini, S. Grassini, T. deCaro and G.M. Ingo, Survey of the Italian archaeological precious metal collections: Characterisation of the patina and study of the degradation phenomena, pp. 184-188. [pdf]

M. El Shaer, M. Mobasher and M. Wuttmann, Conservation of Corroded Copper Artefacts by Hydrogen Plasma Discharge, pp. 189-191. [pdf]

Satellite Meeting on Legal Issues in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Realigning the Legal Vision: Introductory Note [pdf]

A. Alshami, N. Haddad and A. Arafat, The role of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan in preventing the illicit trade of cultural heritage, pp. 194-198. [pdf]

R.A. St. Hilaire, International antiquities trafficking: Theft by another name - Protecting archaeological sites abroad by prosecuting receivers, sellers, and smugglers of looted antiquities under United States domestic law, pp. 199-205. [pdf]

A. Lacoursière and J.-F. Talbot, Partnerships: A solution to the illicit trafficking of art (Conclusions of the Pilot Project 2004-2005, Sûreté du Québec), pp. 206-208. [pdf]

B. Czegledi: In search of our heritage, pp. 209-212. [pdf]

A. Canals and M. Pou, Traceability of Cultural Heritage Objects: The AICOA Model, pp. 213-216. [pdf]

W.Wei, J. Frohn, S. Sotiropoulou and M. Weber, Experience with a new non-contact fingerprinting method for the identification and protection of objects of cultural heritage against theft and illegal trafficking, pp. 217-222. [pdf]

S.Simon: Illicit Traffic: A Challenge for Conservation Science and Conservation, pp. 223-227. [pdf]

J.K. Hawley, The international illicit trade in cultural heritage: Can museum professionals help to stop it?, pp. 228-233.[pdf]

M.M.C. van Heese, Recent developments in the Netherlands after the conference Ilegal Trade Rotterdam 2004, pp. 234-237.[pdf]

S. Little: Global Village: Global legal visions for cultural heritage?, pp. 238-243. [pdf]

Z. Sakki, C. Karydis, C. Spiliopoulou and C. Maravelias: 'Knives Cost Lives': Ethical issues relating to the conservation of a group of weapons at the Museum of Criminology of the Medical School - University of Athens, 244-250. [pdf]

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