26 September 2010

The Technique Of Wood Sculpture (1957)

Title: The Technique Of Wood Sculpture
Author: Chaim Gross
Publisher: Arco Publishing Company
Year: 1957
Pages: 145
Formats available: pdf, djvu, txt, epub, kindle, daisy
Link: http://www.archive.org/...

Note: Resource kindly indicated by Nina Horvat

Table of Contents (short version):

Chapter 1. Becoming a Sculptor of Wood
Chapter 2. Wood, the Re-discovered Medium
Chapter 3. Wood
Chapter 4. The workroom and Equipment
Chapter 5. The Idea and the Block
Chapter 6. The Emergence of Your Idea from the Block
Chapter 7. Using the Abraders
Chapter 8. Sealing the Wood's Exposed Surface
Appendix 1. Tools
Appendix 2. Sharpeners
Appendix 3. Wood - Its Structure and Seasoning Process
Appendix 4. Notes on Sculptors' Woods
Appendix 5. Table of Relative Hardness and Color of Woods

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