03 February 2010

Molecular studies of triterpenoid varnishes (1999)

Title: Molecular studies of fresh and aged triterpenoid varnishes
Author: Gisela A. van der Doelen
University: University of Amsterdam
Year: 1999
Type of document: PhD thesis
Download: http://www.amolf.nl/... (pdf)

From the Summary:
The natural triterpenoid resins, dammar and mastic, are often used as painting varnishes. Degradation of these natural varnishes results in yellow and brittle films, which obscure the painted images underneath. The main objective of this thesis is to investigate the molecular changes that occur in triterpenoid varnishes during ageing on paintings. For this purpose, the chemical composition of both fresh and aged varnishes from paintings was investigated. In addition, it was investigated whether triterpenoid varnishes, which were aged according to several artificial light ageing methods, have similar chemical compositions as varnishes aged on paintings. [...]

Table of contents (short version):

1. Triterpenoid varnishes: the ageing process
2. Triterpenoid compounds in fresh dammar and mastic resin
2a. Appendix to Chapter 2
3. Aged triterpenoid varnishes from paintings
4. Artificially light aged varnishes
5. Artificial ageing of varnish triterpenoids in solution
6. Mass spectrometric analysis of triterpenoids in dammar and mastic under EI and APCI conditions
Atlas of mass spectra of triterpenoid compounds in varnishes

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