04 February 2010

Paint dosimeters as tools to monitor the museum environment (2001)

Title: Molecular changes in egg tempera paint dosimeters as tools to monitor the museum environment
Author: Oscar F. van den Brink
University: University of Amsterdam
Year: 2001
Type of document: PhD thesis
Download: http://www.amolf.nl/... (pdf, 7.06 Mb)

Table of Contents (short version):

1. Introduction
2. Determination of the degree of chemical change in museum exposed test paintings by mass spectrometry and discriminant analysis
3. DTMS and DA of nine dosimetric test systems
4. Dosimetry of the environment in various museums: Interpretation of the results of the field studies
5. Cholesterol oxidation products in light-aged egg tempera
6. MALDI-FTMS analysis of oxigenated triglycerides and phosphatidylcholines in egg tempera dosimeters
7. Electrospray ionisation FT-ICR-MS(MS) of light-aged egg glycerolipids
8. Recommendations for further work on paint-based dosimetry and outlook

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