25 January 2010

Art of Copper Smithing (1911)

Title: A Practical Treatise of Working Sheet Cooper into All forms
Author: John Fuller
Publisher: David Williams Company
Edition: Fourth, revised
Year: 1911
Formats available: html, txt, DjVu, rtf and xml
Link: http://www.archive.org/...
Note: Thank you to Goran Budija for pointing me out this book!

Table of contents:

Historical Sketch of Copper
Braziers' Art, or Light Coppersmithing
First Year's Experience
Repairing and Tinning
The Boy's Second Year
Making Washing Coppers
Making Small JB rawing Coppers
Table of Dimensions and Capacity
Making Hand Bowls
Making Frying Pans
Making Closet Pans
Making Water Balls
Mounting for Copper Goods
Glue Pots and Tea-Kettles
Oval Tea-Kettles
Beer Mullers
Coffee Pots
Saucepans and Pudding Pots
Stock Pots
Fish and Turbot Kettles
Brazing Pans
Tea Boilers
Warming Pans
Preserving Pans
Dripping Pan and Ladle
Coal Scoops and Coal Hods
Making Coal Scoops
Planishing and Smoothing
Cranes or Syphons
Appliances of Railway and Marine Coppersmiths
Making Copper Pipe
Piecing and Joining Pipes
The Fire Pots
Fire Pot Set for Brazing Joint
Soft Soldering Large Joints
Taking Templates
Filling and Bending
Making Bends
Template Boards
Patching Pipes
Expansion Joints
Tee Pieces
Three-Way Pieces
Cross of Font-Way Pieces
Saddle Fire
Marine Work
View of Maudsley, Sons & Field's Shop
Making Large Bends
Making Double Bends
Brazing on Flanges
Short Bends
Air Pipes for Ships
Making Hollow Spheres
Brazing Sheet Brass
Locomotive Brass Work
Brazing the Joint of Valve Chimneys
Brass Dome Covers
Heavy Pipes for Breweries
Brewing Coppers or Kettles
Dome Coppers
Dome and Pan Coppers
Tallow Coppers
Dyers' Coppers
Sugar-House Work
Sugar Tieches
Film Evaporators
Coppersmith's Plugs

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