30 January 2010

Methods in Paleontology (2009)

Title: Methods in Paleontology: Proceedings of the First Annual Fossil Preparation and Collections Symposium
Editor: M.A. Brown, J.F. Kane, and W. G. Parker
Year: 2009
Files: Articles in PDF
Link: http://fossilprep.org/...
Abstracts: http://fossilprep.org/... (pdf)

Table of contents:

Preparation In Action: Paleontological Skill And The Role Of The Fossil Preparator, Caitlin Wylie
Working Fossil Laboratories As Public Exhibitions, Annette Gavigan
Dinosaurs, Museums, And The Modernization Of American Fossil Preparation At The Turn Of The 20th Century, Paul Brinkman
Fossil Preparation Test: An Indication Of Manual Skills, Lisa Bergwall
Micropreparation: One Sand Grain At A Time, Jean Pierre Cavigelli
An Introduction to Solution and Reaction Adhesives For Fossil Preparation, Amy Davidson and Samantha Alderson
Rotten Wood In Sand: Difficult Preparation Of A Large Theropod, Anthony Maltese
Histological Core Drilling: A Less Destructive Method For Studying Bone Histology, Koen Stein and Martin Sander
Creating a Multi-Use Polyurethane Mold With a Replaceable Pour Spout, Michael Cherney
The Use of Linear Collapsible Foam for Molding Ichnofossils in the Field, Thomas Nolan, Rob Atkinson, and Bryan Small
Inexpensive and Simple Construction of a Manual Centrifuge For Resin Casting, Daniel Erickson
Packing Methods For Domestic and International Fossil Shipping, Rebecca Hunt-Foster
Rapid In-House Design, Construction And Installation of a Triassic Paleontology Exhibit Hall at Petrified Forest National Park, Matthew Brown and William Parker
A Report on a Mini-Seminar on Adhesives for Fossil Preparation, Amy Davidson

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