28 December 2008

De Mayerne Programme (2006)

Title: Reporting Highlights of the De Mayerne Programme
Editors: Jaap J. Boon and Ester S.B. Ferreira
Publisher: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
Year: 2006
Pages: 134
ISBN: 90-77875-14-X
Link: http://www.nwo.nl/... (PDF, 2.21 Mb)

Table of Contents:

The De Mayerne programme: breaking new grounds for art science and conservation in the 21st century, J. Wadum

Surrealism in science: the difference between analysis and analysis, J. Wouters

Processes inside paintings that affect the picture: chemical changes at, near and underneath the paint surface, J.J. Boon

Exploring the application of solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to the study of the deterioration of paintings, Michiel A. Verhoeven, L. Carlyle, J. Reedijk and J.G. Haasnoot

On metal soap related colour and transparency changes in a 19th C painting by Millais, Y. Shimadzu and K.J. van den Berg

Chemical Characterisation of thin intermediate layers: Case study of a sample from the 15th century painting The Descent from the Crossby Rogier van der Weyden, E.S.B. Ferreira, R. Morrison, K. Keune, and J.J. Boon

Historically Accurate Reconstructions of Oil Painters’ Materials: An overview of the Hart Project 2002-2005, L. Carlyle

Various approaches to van Gogh technical studies; common grounds? E. Hendriks, S. Constantin, B. Marino

Fading of red lake paints after vincent van Gogh – an interdisciplinary study involving three De Mayerne projects, K.J. van den Berg, A. Burnstock, L. Carlyle, M. Clarke, E. Hendriks, R. Hoppenbrouwers, J. Kirby and I. Lanfear

Multidisciplinary research on the paintings ensemble in the Oranjezaal of the Royal Palace Huis ten Bosch, A. van Grevenstein-Kruse

Recipe databases for historical oil painting materials: Winsor & Newton Archive, M. Clarke and L. Carlyle