07 April 2009

Conservation of Thangkas (2009)

Title: Proceedings of the Forum on the Conservation of Thangkas
Editors: Mary Ballard and Carole Dignard
Publisher: ICOM-CC
Year: 2009
Pages: 120
Description: The Proceedings of the Forum on the Conservation of Thangkas, Special Session of the ICOM-CC 15th Triennial Conference, New Delhi, India, September 26, 200, are now available. This 120 page e-book contains 13 papers and 4 abstracts on the following topics: conservation of living heritage; ethics, values and approaches; museum or community perspectives; treatments and decision-making; material science and analyses.
Link: http://www.icom-cc.org/...

Table of contents:

Session 1 Theme: Conservation of Thangkas: Sacred and In Situ
- Documenting Thangkas: A Conservation Strategy, by Sanjay Dhar
- Restoring Bhutanese Thangkas, by Ephraim Jose
- Conservation of Thangkas: Preserving a Living Religious Heritage, by Sabine Cotte
- Presenting, Handling and Treating Sacred Thangkas According to Western Standards and Respecting their Cultural Context – An Achievable Common Purpose?, by Ute Griesser
- The Continously Evolving Form of Thangkas, by Ann Shaftel
- Conservation of Thangkas (abstract), by Regina Knaller

Session 2 Theme: Thangkas in Collections: Case Studies and Approaches
- Conservation of Thangkas in the National Museum, New Delhi, by Kamlesh Kumar Gupta
- Conservation of Thangka Paintings: A Cultural Heritage from the Himalayan Region, by C. B. Gupta
- Thangka Conservation at INTACH, Delhi, India, by Nilabh Sinha
- Restoration and Conservation of Tibetan and Nepalese Thangkas, by Alan Farancz
- Conservation of Tibetan Thangka Paintings from the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, by Mike Wheeler and Teresa Heady
- A Non-traditional Reversible and Transparent Display Mount for a Thangka with Significant Inscriptions on the Back of Primary Image, by Joyce Ertel Hulbert
- A Shatrunjaya ‘Tirtha Pata’: A Monumental Jain Pilgrimage Painting in the Ethnographic Museum, Antwerp, Belgium, by Elsje Janssen and Françoise Therry

Session 3 Theme: Thangkas: Analyses of Materials
- Thangka Production in the 18th - 21st Centuries: Documenting the Introduction of Non-traditional Materials into Himalayan Painting Practice, by Jennifer Mass, Jo-Fan Huang, Betty Fiske, Ann Shaftel, Xian Zhang, Richard Laursen, Courtney Shimoda, Catherine Matsen and Christina Bisulca
- Understanding Tibetan Painting Materials: An Intermuseum Project (abstract), by Beth Price, Boris Pretzel, Katherine Paul, Catherine Higgitt, Ken Sutherland and Xian Zhang
- Asian Organic Colorants (abstract), by Cecily Grzywacz
- Documenting a Tibetan Wall Painting Reproduction (abstract), by Mikkel Scharff and Peder Bøllingtoft