01 March 2010

e-conservation 13 (2010)

Title: e-conservation
Issue: 13
Year: 2010
Link: http://www.e-conservationline.com/...
Download: http://www.e-conservationline.com/... (pdf, 7.7 Mb)

Table of contents:

Editorial, Rui Bordalo

The Application of Myth in Contemporary Ethnographic Conservation, Daniel Cull

MATCONS 2009. Matter and Materials in/for Heritage Conservation, review by Irina Crina Anca Sandu

COST Training School: Indoor Air Quality in Museums, Galleries and Archives, review by Oana Chachula

The 15th International Heritage Show, review by Anca Nicolaescu

Upcoming Events and Call for Papers - March 2010


The “Restoration” of the Turin Shroud: A Conservation and Scientific Disaster, by William Meacham

The Critical RH for the Appearance of “Bronze Disease” in Chloride Contaminated Copper and Copper Alloy Artefacts, by Alexios Papapelekanos

Aspects of the Scientific Research of the Historical Monument from Heresti, Romania, by Dragos Ene and Roxana Radvan

ARP Proceedings

The Altar Frontal of the Church of Nossa Senhora da Piedade De Santarém, by Eva Armindo

The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, by Thomás Luis, by Filipa Raposo Cordeiro