23 October 2010

e-conservation 16 (2010)

Title: e-conservation
Issue: 16
Year: 2010
Link: http://www.e-conservationline.com/...
Download: http://www.e-conservationline.com/... (pdf, 9.33 Mb)

Table of Contents:

The Gap in Conservation
by Rui Bordalo

News & Views
Pot Healer, I Need You
By Daniel Cull

SEM and Microanalysis in the Study of Historical Technology, Materials and Conservation
Review by Ana Bidarra

Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC) Annual Meeting
Review by Daniel Cull

Devastating Flood in Ladakh, India
A Support Program by Tibet Heritage Fund
By Andre Alexander

Identification of Ivory Book Covers and Comparison to Ivory Portrait Miniatures

By Josie Wornoff

Microbial Study of Egyptian Mummies: An Assessment of Enzyme Activity, Fungicides and Some Mummification Materials for the Inhibition of Microbial Deterioration
By Abdelrazek Elnaggar, Ahmed Sahab, Siham Ismail, Gamal Mahgoub and Mohammed Abdelhady

Case Study
Study of the painting Virgin Mary and Child with the Infant St. John the Baptist: The Hidden Flora of Leonardo da Vinci’s Painting Workshop
By Miklós Szentkirályi

"The Annunciation" by Cola Petruccioli: The Restoration of the Transferred Wall Painting
By Ildikó Jeszeniczky