19 December 2009

Journal of Conservation-Restoration Education 2 (2008)

Title: Journal of Conservation-Restoration Education (JCRE)
Publisher: ENCoRE - European Network for Conservation-Restoration Education
Issue: 2
Year: 2008
Pages: 27
ISSN: 1904-0946
Link: http://www.encore-edu.org/... (PDF, 542 Kb)

Table of contents:

Developing an accountable system of Conservation-Restoration Education at Oslo University through the use of learning outcomes, Jeremy Hutchings
Writing the Professional Competences/EQF, Susan Corr
The Bologna Process 2020 - The European Higher Education Area in the new decade, René Larsen
European Network on Research Programme Applied to the Protection of Tangible Cultural Heritage (NET-HERITAGE), René Larsen

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