16 December 2008

Developing Sustainable Practices in Preservation Environments (2007)

Title: From Gray Areas to Green Areas: Developing Sustainable Practices in Preservation Environments, Symposium Proceedings
Editor: Melissa Tedone
Venue: 1-2 November 2007, School of Information's Kilgarlin Center for Preservation of the Cultural Record at the University of Texas, Austin
Year: 2007
Website: www.ischool.utexas.edu/...

Table of contents:

What Will the Cultural Record Say About Us? The stewardship of culture and the mandate for environmental sustainability, Michael C. Henry (pdf, 37Kb)

Going Green in Museums: A Conservator's View, Paul Himmelstein and Barbara Appelbaum (pdf, 18Kb)

From Japanese Tradition: Is /Kura/ a Model for a Sustainable Preservation Environment?, Kazuko Hioki (pdf, 581Kb)

Sustainability Means Less is More, Joachim Huber (pdf, 54Kb)

Providing Safe and Practical Environments for Cultural Property in Historic Buildings...and Beyond, Richard L. Kerschner (pdf, 508Kb)

Sustainable Practices for Conservation Environments, William P. Lull (pdf, 47Kb)

Real and Relevant Green Building, Peter L. Pfeiffer (pdf, 38Kb)

Specifying Storage Environments in Libraries and Archives, James Reilly (pdf, 33Kb)

Pennsylvania's Rare Collections Library: Design Overview, Cornelius J. Rusnov (pdf, 48Kb)

From Institutional Mission to Sustainable Outcome:Cultivating Stewardship Through the Planning and Design Process, Laurie Zapalac (pdf, 897Kb)

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