07 January 2009

The HEREDUC handbook for teachers (2005)

Title: Heritage in the Classroom. A Practical Manual for Teachers
Authors: Veerle De Troyer, Jens Vermeersch, Hildegarde Van Genechten, Klaus Kösters, Pieter Mols, Jacqueline Van Leeuwen, Nicole Vitré, Fabio Pizzicanella and Antonietta Destro
Publisher: Het Gemeenschapsonderwijs
Year: 2005
Pages: 155
File: pdf, 3.88 Mb
Link: http://www.gemeenschapsonderwijs.be/...
Website: http://www.hereduc.net/...

Description (from the website): The HEREDUC handbook contains approaches to heritage in Europe and concentrates on how teachers might integrate heritage education in lessons, in primary as well as secondary schools. The text is written with practical application in mind. The handbook finishes with a series of 34 inspiring practical examples from five European countries and a selective bibliography.

Table of contents (short version):

Chapter 1. A school trip to the past, with an eye fixed on the future
Chapter 2. Heritage education, Europe and identity
Chapter 3. Learning with and from our heritage
Chapter 4. Heritage projects in all measures
Chapter 5. Practical examples
A selected bibliography

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