17 January 2010

Getty Seismic Adobe Project (2009)

Title: Proceedings of the Getty Seismic Adobe Project 2006 Colloquium
Editors: Mary Hardy, Claudia Cancino, Gail Ostergren
Publisher: The Getty Conservation Institute
Year: 2009
Pages: 203
Proceedings of the Getty Seismic Adobe Project 2006 Colloquium (PDF, 12.1MB)
Résumés supplémentaires en français (PDF , 213 kb)
Resúmenes adicionales de ponencias en español (22pp., 27kb)
For individual sections, please see the Table of Contents below

Papers from a colloquium held at the Getty Center April 11–13, 2006. During this three-day colloquium, a group of professionals with expertise in earthen conservation, materials science, construction, building standards, and earthquake engineering gathered to discuss the current state of knowledge and the challenges of preserving our earthen cultural heritage in active seismic zones. This publication contains a selection of papers presented at the colloquium, as well as several later submissions by participants.

Table of contents:

Foreword, Timothy P. Whalen (273 kb)
Introduction, Mary Hardy, Claudia Cancino, and Gail Ostergren (240
Acknowledgments (324

Part One: Research and Testing

Earthquake Resistant Design Criteria and Testing of Adobe Buildings at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Daniel Torrealva, Julio Vargas Neumann, and Marcial Blondet (716

Seismic Response of Fiber-Reinforced and Stabilized Adobe Structures, Mohammad Shariful Islam and Kazuyoshi Iwashita (1.3 Mb)

Low-Cost and Low-Tech Reinforcement Systems for Improved Earthquake Resistance of Mud Brick Buildings, Dominic M. Dowling and Bijan Samali (1.1 Mb)

Getty Seismic Adobe Project Research and Testing Program, E. Leroy Tolles (508 kb)

Part Two: Building Codes and Standards

The Peruvian Building Code for Earthen Buildings, Julio Vargas Neumann, Marcial Blondet, and Nicola Tarque (864 kb)

New Zealand: Aseismic Performance-Based Standards, Earth Construction, Research, and Opportunities, Hugh Morris (1.4 Mb)

Reflecting on Materials and Structure: Building Cultures and Research Methodology in the Project of a Seismic Building Code for Traditional Materials in Morocco, Mohammed Hamdouni Alami and Stefania Pandolfo (1 Mb)

"To Do No Harm": Conserving, Preserving, and Maintaining Historic Adobe Structures, Steade R. Craigo (820 kb)

Part Three: Case Studies

Seismic Rehabilitation Study in Turkey for Existing Earthen Construction, Bilge Isik (1 Mb)

Observing and Applying Ancient Repair Techniques to Pisé and Adobe in Seismic Regions of Central Asia and Trans-Himalaya, John Hurd (1.6 Mb)

Research on the Upgrade of Traditional Seismic Retrofits for Ancient Buddhist Temples in the Region of Spiti and Kinnaur in the Western Himalayas, Sandeep Sikka and Charu Chaudhry (712

Seismic Vulnerability and Conservation Strategies for Lalitpur Minor Heritage, Dina D'Ayala (1.3 Mb)

Seismic Retrofitting Guidelines for the Conservation of Doctrinal Chapels on the Oyón Highlands in Peru, Patricia Navarro Grau, Julio Vargas Neumann, and Maribel Beas (1.2 Mb)

Part Four: Getty Seismic Adobe Project Implementation
Application of Stability-Based Retrofit Measures on Some Historic and Older Adobe Buildings in California, Frederick A. Webster (656

Seismic Retrofit Applications of Getty Seismic Adobe Project Technology to Historic Adobe Buildings, E. Leroy Tolles (956

Evolving Methodology in Seismic Retrofit: Stabilizing the Las Flores Adobe, John M. Barrow, Douglas Porter, Stephen Farneth, and E. Leroy Tolles (812

Summary of Discussions, Mary Hardy and Claudia Cancino (356

Appendix A: Steering Committees (268
Appendix B: Colloquium Participants (300
Contributors (328

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