02 February 2010

Characterization and identification of printed objects (2008)

Title: Characterization and identification of printed objects
Author: Lénia Janete Oliveira Fernandes
University: New University of Lisbon
Year: 2008
Type of document: Master thesis
Download: http://dspace.fct.unl.pt/... (pdf, 4.91 Mb)

A study about the physical appearance of pre-photographic, photomechanical, photographic and digital positive reflective prints was made, relating the obtained images with the history, materials and technology used to create them. The studied samples are from the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) study collection. The digital images were obtained using a digital SLR on a copystand and a compound light microscope, with different lighting angles (0º, 45º and 90º) and magnifications from overall views on the copystand down to a 20x objective lens on the microscope. Most of these images were originally created by IPI for www.digitalsamplebook.org, a web tool for teaching print identification, and will be used on the www.graphicsatlas.org website, along with textual information on identification, technology and history information about these reproduction processes.

Table of contents:

Characterization and Identification of Printed Objects
Pre-photographic processes
Photomechanical processes
Photographic processes
Digital Photography
Appendix I – Experimental
Appendix II – Print technology illustrations
Appendix III – Other images
Appendix IV - Tables

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