12 December 2010

Safe Handling of Plastics in a Museum Environment (2010)

Title: Safe Handling of Plastics in a Museum Environment
Author: Jia-sun Tsang
Citation: WAAC Newsletter 32(2), pp. 16-22
Year: 2010
Link: http://hdl.handle.net/10088/11186 (pdf, 3.64 Mb)

Research on the theory and mechanics of plastics degradation and conservation has made steady progress over the years, yet regarding the safe handling of plastics, current knowledge and practices are long overdue for an update. The purpose of this paper is to translate the science of plastics degradation into practical guidelines for the safe handling and conservation of plastics in a museum environment. The safety practices outlined here are based on an analysis of naturally aged plastics in museum collections, and are relevant to the specific problems faced by conservators, curators, and museum specialists who must handle and evaluate many types of plastic materials.

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