26 February 2011

Preservation of Wax Moulages (2009)

Title: Recommendations for the Preservation of Wax moulages at Universities and Hospitals and in Museums and other Collections
Year: 2009
Pages: 31
Download: http://www.dhmd.de/... (pdf, 641 Kb)

From the Introduction:
These recommendations, drawn up within the framework of the project “Wax Moulages: A Valuable Handicraft Threatened with Extinction,” were formulated by an interdisciplinary group of experts from the fields of restoration and conservation, medicine and medical history, natural sciences, cultural studies, and curatorship.

Table of Contents:

Objective and Starting Point

I. Commentary
1. The survey
2. Preventive conservation
3. Active conservation
4. Restoration

II. Recommendations
Basic Requirements
1. The survey
2. Preventive conservation
2.1. Climate
2.2. Light
2.3. Storage
2.4. Use
2.5. Transport, packing, lending and temporary exhibition
3. Active conservation
3.1. Inclusion of all components of a moulage, various types of damage
3.2. Assigning Work and calling for bids
4. Restoration
4.1. PReservation of authenticity
4.2. Assigning Work and calling for bids
Appendix 1
Appendix 2


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