16 July 2011

Removal of Damaging Conservation Treatments on Mural Paintings (2007)

Title: Removal of Damaging Conservation Treatments on Mural Paintings
Editor: Hélène Svahn Garreau
Publisher: Swedish National Heritage Board
Year: 2010
Pages: 72
Format: PDF (3.87 Mb)

From the Introduction:

The Swedish National Heritage Board held a two-day workshop named “Removal of Damaging Conservation Treatments on Mural Paintings” on November 2 and 3, 2007 at Österbybruk and Vendel. The workshop was sponsored by “FoU-medel” (R&D funds), distributed by the Swedish National Heritage Board and from “Syskonen Bothéns stiftelse” distributed by ”Nordiska konservatorförbundet Svenska sektionen” (NKF-S). This is the final report, which includes a summary of the presentations and discussions during the workshop.

Table of Contents (short version):

Introduction, Hélène Svahn Garreau

Biotechnological Approach for the Removal of Damaging Casein-Layer on Medieval Wall Paintings
, Sascha Beutel

German Experiments with Enzyme Reduction of Casein on Mural Paintings
, Kerstin Klein

Nanoscience for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage
, Piero Baglioni

The Conservation of the Mural Paintings in Vendel
, Ragnhild Claesson and Hélène Svahn Garreau

Problems with Casein Glue on Wall Paintings Transferred to Canvas
, Isabelle Brajer

Removal of Undesirable Compounds from Stone and Frescoes using Bacteria
, Francesca Cappitelli

Problems with Past Conservation Treatments on the Wall Church Paintings in Undløse
, Isabelle Brajer

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