25 November 2008

Preserve then Show (2002) [links updated]

Title: Preserve then Show
Editors: Dan Niseen, Lisbeth Richter Larsen, Thomas C. Christensen and Jesper Stub Johnsen
Publisher: Danish Film Institute
Year: 2002

Note: After the links were removed from the first source, they were made available at the Danish Film Institute website.

'Preserve then Show' is the title of an anthology spotlighting film preservation and restoration and presenting the latest research in the field. Edited and published by the Danish Film Institute (DFI), the anthology is based on papers delivered at an international seminar at the DFI in November 2001 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the first film museum in Denmark, now the DFI/ Archive & Cinematheque. (from the original press-release)

Table of contents:

Cover (pdf)
Introduction, Dan Nissen

1. Philosophy
The Raw Material of Film History, Casper Tybjerg (pdf, 134 Kb)
Film as an Art Object, Paolo Cherchi Usai (pdf, 250 Kb)

2. Preservation
Film Storage Studies – Recent Findings, Jean-Louis Bigourdan (pdf, 94 Kb)
Optimizing Nitrate Film Storage, Peter Z. Adelstein (pdf, 102 Kb)
Condensation in Film Containers during Cooling and Warming, Tim Padfield (pdf, 454 Kb;
alternative link)
The Condition Assessment for the Film Collection of the DFI, Karin Bonde Johansen and Mikael Braae (pdf, 348 Kb)
Environmental Assessment and Condition Survey: A Strategic Preservation Plan for the DFI’s Motion Picture Film Collections, Jean-Louis Bigourdan (pdf, 153 Kb)
From Condition Assessment Survey to a New Preservation Strategy for the DFI, Jesper Stub Johnsen (pdf, 348 Kb)

3. Restoration
Notes on the Proliferation of Metropolis, Martin Koerber (pdf, 141 Kb)
Restoring a Danish Silent Film – Nedbrudte Nerver, Thomas C. Christensen (pdf, 270 Kb)
Preservation of Early Sound Films, Uffe Lomholt Madsen (pdf, 660 Kb)
The Restoration of Silent Films Produced by Nordisk Films Kompagni, Marguerite Engberg (pdf, 359 Kb)
Digital Image Restoration – Black Art or White Magic?, Paul Read (pdf)
Restoration of Movie Films by Digital Image Processing, Rudolf Gschwind (pdf, 527 Kb)

4. Presentation
Managing a Collection – Issues of Selection and Transmission, Gabrielle Claes (pdf, 345 Kb)
The First Film Archive, Esben Krohn (pdf, 618 Kb)
The Nordisk Film Collection – an Introduction, Lisbeth Richter Larsen (pdf, 988 Kb)


Susannah M. Smith said...

Thanks so much for posting this. The book is hard to find and I only needed the essay by Koerber on Metropolis. I was very happy to find it here!

Hilda said...

Please how to open the chapters?I can only open til the introduction.Is that controled?

Ana Marie said...

so the links not working thing doesn't seem to be fixed but i found the ones i needed by doing a full title google search. the files appear to be available online as PDFs

Rui Bordalo said...

I see I have missed some comments. Indeed the files were removed from the server after I post the proceedings. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any file except the cover, the index and the introduction. From the articles I was only able to find an alternative source for Tim Padfield's text. In case anyone found any other article, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

You can find it all here:

Rui Bordalo said...

Thank you anonymous for providing a working source for the files! The pdf links are updated.

Ruby said...

Oh, I'd love to see that. And kudos to Denmark for this level of commitment to film preservation, on top of a very robust and commendable film scene. Some things are really worth keeping, whatever form the manner may take.