29 November 2008

Technical Research Bulletin (2007)

Title: British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, volume 1
British Museum
Year: 2007
Website: http://www.britishmuseum.org/...
Articles in PDF format.

Table of contents:

A Shell Garniture from Gujarat, India in the British Museum, Barbara Wills, Susan La Niece, Bet McLeod and Caroline Cartwright

New Visions of a New World: The conservation and analysis of the John White watercolours, Jenny Bescoby, Judith Rayner, Janet Ambers and Duncan Hook

The effect of ultraviolet-filtered light on the mechanical strength of fabrics, Capucine Korenberg

An elusive stone: the use of variscite as a semi-precious stone, Andrew Middleton, Susan La Niece, Janet Ambers, Duncan Hook, Richard Hobbs and Guy Seddon

The emperor’s terrapin, Margaret Sax, Janet Ambers, Nigel Meeks and Sheila Canby

Aztec conch shell working: high-tech design, Caroline Cartwright and Nigel Meeks

Writing that cannot be erased: investigations of a box of pigmented inlays from the tomb chapel of an Old Kingdom noble, Janet Ambers, Rebecca Stacey and John H Taylor

The black bronzes of Burma, Maickel van Bellegem, Philip Fletcher, Paul Craddock, Susan La Niece and Richard Blurton

The effects of relative humidity on the corrosion of iron: an experimental view, Quanyu Wang

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