14 November 2008

Proceedings of the ICOM-CC Graphic Documents Meeting (2004)

Title: Proceedings of the ICOM-CC Graphic Documents Meeting
Venue: March 11-12, 2004, Ljubljana, Slovenia
: Jana Kolar, Matija Strlic and Jan Wouters
ublisher: National and University Library
: 961-6162-95-0

Conference website
2-pages articles are available in PDF format at http://www.infosrvr.nuk.uni-lj.si/...

Available articles
PAPYLUM project: A new tool for better understanding ofoxidative degradation, M.Strlic
InkCor: Stabilisation of iron gall ink containing paper, J.Kolar
European thematic network: Transition metals in paper, J.Havermans
Application of near infrared Raman spectroscopy tothe analysis of historical documents, A. Gabaldón Borque
Local oxidation state determinations of Fe in inks of historic documents by means of micro-XANES, K. Janssen
Analysis of two high corroded original iron gallink manuscripts, V.R Rouchon Quillet
Study on interleaving as a means to reduce ink corrosionon manuscripts, B.V. Hansen
Treatment of finishing layers and/or varnishes onpaper-artefacts: a domino-effect, I. van den Bogaert
Conservation of 11 traditional Jewish papercuts fromcollection of manuscripts and rare prints of Jewish Museum in Prague, V. Zakova
Conservation & Restoration of a 19th century calligraphyof a Baha'i writing in Arabic, S. Ishikawa
A material study of a xvith century Persian lacquered manuscript, Z. Genadry
Microscopic spot tests applied to the study of fibresfrom paper in manuscripts, M. C. Sistach
Effect of starch coating during the leaf casting technique, J. Vodopivec
Improved Damage Assessment of Parchment: the complexity andrelations of damage detected on different structural levels, R. Larsen
The use of microfocus X-ray diffraction to examine theeffect of conservation treatments on the structure of collagen inparchment, C. Kennedy
A review of cleaning methods for vellum and parchment, R. Yallop
Skin to Parchment, but what happens in between?, C.A. Maxwell
Preservation of architectural plans and maps exectued on synthetic, film based materials, N. Bell
Applying CSC Book SaverR spraying system in single item conservation, U. Henniges
Storing the graphic collection, M. Kropáčkova
Before Preservation Aspects of cleaning and consolidating documents in the nineteenth century, L. Watteeuw
Study of 19th century imitation gold leather in Belgium, I. Yperman
Between Dürer and Rembrandt: interdisciplinary research into the graphic qualities of series of etchings and engravingsproduced between 1540 and 1600, A. Stijnman
Influence on the Appearance during Pigment Consolidation, A.Pataki
Commercial "cadmium" aquarelle colours, composition and stability, U. Knuutinen
Changes of some arylmethane dyes on paper during conservation treatment, J.Hanus
Non-destructive identification of corrosive inks, H.Neevel
The Evaluation of four (mass)deacidification treatments, J.B.G.A. Havermans
Catalytic activity of transition metals during oxidative degradation of cellulose, V.S. Šelih
Oxidative degradation of polysaccharides studied by chemiluminometry, D. Kočar
Investigation of oxydation and migration processes of inorganic compunds in ink corroded manuscripts, O. Hahn

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