15 November 2008

Risk Preparedness: A Management Manual for World Cultural Heritage (1998)

Title: Risk Preparedness: A Management Manual for World Cultural Heritage
Author: Herb Stovel
Publisher: ICCROM
Year: 1998
ISBN: 92-9077-152-6
PDF (full version): http://www.iccrom.org/... (8.0 Mb)
PDF (short version): http://www.iccrom.org/... (2.4 Mb)

Description: The second in the series of management guidelines and manuals for World Cultural Heritage, this volume addresses the issue of risk preparedness in both general and specific terms. After an introduction to the overall context and principles, the author then discusses property-specific strategies for various major risks, such as fire, earthquakes, flooding, armed conflict and other hazards. The final section covers putting risk-preparedness into practice. A list of sources and various key documents are also provided.

Table of Contents (compact version):

Section I. The Context
1. Introduction
2. The Importance of Risk-Preparedness for Cultural Heritage
3. Principles of Risk-Preparedness for Cultural Heritage
4. Developing a Sound Approach to Risk-Preparedness for Cultural Heritage Property

Section II. Developing Property-Specific Strategies to Improve Risk-Preparedness for Cultural Heritage
5. Fire
6. Earthquakes and Related Disasters
7. Flooding
8. Armed Conflicts
9. Other Hazards

Section III. Putting Risk-Preparedness into Practive
10. Guidelines for Developing Site-Specific Preparedness Plans
11. Improving Risk-Preparedness for Cultural Heritage at the National Level
12. Sources

Appendix A. The Declaration of Quebec
Appendix B. The Kobe-Tokyo Declaration
Appendix C. The Blue Shield Movement
Appendix D. ICOMOS Recording Principles
Appendix E. The Assisi Declaration

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