25 March 2010

Disasters, displays, digitization (2006)

Title: Proceedings of the international Symposium the 3-D's of preservation: disasters, displays, digitization
Editor: Corine Koch
Event: Organized by the Bibliothèque nationale de France in collaboration with IFLA (IFLA Section on Preservation and Conservation IFLA Core Activity on Preservation and Conservation) Paris, France, March 8th-10th 2006
Pages: 144

Year: 2006
Download: http://archive.ifla.org/... (pdf, 1.24 Mb)

Table of Contents:

Forty Years Outside Looking in: Panaceas, Principles and Pragmatism, John McIlwaine

The Future of Preservation, Deanna B. Marcum

Session 1
The Never-ending Challenge: Disaster and Preservation in Chile, Ximena Cruzat A.
Foreseeing and Dealing with the Unforeseen - Library Disasters in Perspective, Per Cullhed
From Disaster Plan to Action Plan, Sarah-Jane Jenner
Le Plan d'Urgence de la Bibliothéque Nationale de France, Josiane Laurent
Towards a National Disaster Response Protocol, Randy Silverman

Session 2
Les conditions de conservation des Doscuments Graphiques et Photographiques lors des Expositions, Jocelyne Deschaux
Expositions et Conservation: de la Norme à la Réalité, Anne-Hélène Rigogne et Brigitte Leclerc
Displays: The Role of Preservation in Exhibitions at the Library of Congress, Diann van der Reyden

Session 3
Networking for Digital Preservation: Current Practice in 15 National Libraries, Ingeborg Verheul
Conservation et Accès aux Ressources Numériques à la Bibliothéque Nationale de France, Catherine Lupovici
Making (Preservation) Plans Together - Planning Strategies for Digital Preservation in the Netherlands and Europe, Hilde Van Wijngaarden
National Digital Information Infrasctruture and Preservation Program: What we have achieved so far and where we are headed?, Laura Campbell

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