26 March 2010

Recording Physical Access to Collections (2008)

Title: Recording Physical Access to Stored Collections: London Museums Hub
Author: Stuart Davies Associates
Year: 2008
Pages: 57
Type of document: Report
Link: http://www.collectionslink.org.uk/...
Download: http://www.collectionslink.org.uk/... (pdf, 709 Kb)

From the Summary:
This study was commissioned by the London Museums Hub to investigate current and potential future ways to collect data on how stored collections are accessed and used. The project was developed because currently there is no common system for recording the use of stored collections either within institutions themselves (e.g. to support research work) or by the wider public.

Table of Contents (short version):
1. Introduction
2. Methodology of the project
3. Questionnaire findings on current methods of collecting data on stored collections
4. Discussion of issues
5. Recommendations
Appendix 1: List of the London hub museums and their major departments
Appendix 2: Information on non-hub museums responding to the questionnaire
Appendix 3: People consulted as part of the research
Appendix 4: List of items that The National Archives scores in the ‘Access and the User Experience Section’ of their self-assessment questionnaire.

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