13 March 2010

A Guide to Distributed Digital Preservation (2010)

Title: A Guide to Distributed Digital Preservation
Editors: K. Skinner and M. Schultz
Publisher: Educopia Institute
Year: 2010
Pages: 156
Site: http://www.metaarchive.org/...
Download: http://www.metaarchive.org/... (pdf, 2.93 Mb)

This volume is devoted to the broad topic of distributed digital preservation, a still-emerging field of practice for the cultural memory arena. Replication and distribution hold out the promise of indefinite preservation of materials without degradation, but establishing effective organizational and technical processes to enable this form of digital preservation is daunting. Institutions need practical examples of how this task can be accomplished in manageable, low-cost ways.
This guide is written with a broad audience in mind that includes librarians, archivists, scholars, curators, technologists, lawyers, and administrators. Readers may use this guide to gain both a philosophical and practical understanding of the emerging field of distributed digital preservation, including how to establish or join a network.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. Preserving Our Collections, Preserving Our Missions
Chapter 2. DDP Architecture
Chapter 3. Technical Considerations for PLNs
Chapter 4. Organizational Considerations
Chapter 5. Content Selection, Preparation, and Management
Chapter 6. Content Ingest, Monitoring, and Recovery for PLNs
Chapter 7. Cache and Network Administration for PLNs
Chapter 8. Copyright Practice in the DDP: Practice makes Perfect
Appendix A. Private LOCKSS Networks

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