13 March 2010

Ivory (2010)

Title: Ivory - Identification and Regulation of a Precious Material
Publisher: Smithsonian National Museum of African Art
Year: 2010
Pages: 10
Download: http://africa.si.edu/... (pdf, 898 Kb)

Ivory, from the elephants that produce it to the intricately carved artifact, is a material closely associated with Africa. Prized across world cultures from ancient times to the present day, the incessant international demand for ivory has dangerously diminished elephant populations in Africa.
In an effort to educate the general public, art collectors, and specialists, this webpage includes information on how to identify ivory and its substitutes, descriptions of the laws and regulations of its trade, and a selected bibliography. It is hoped that this information will promote responsible collection of this valuable material and foster appreciation for the remarkable animals that produce it.

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