06 May 2010

Preservation and restoration of paper records and books (1985)

Title: The Preservation and restoration of paper records and books: a RAMP study with guidelines
: Carmen Crespo and Vicente Viñas

Reference: General Information Programme and UNISIST, Unesco, Paris, 1985
: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/... (pdf, Mb)

From the Preface
The present study, carried out under a contract with the International Council on Archives, is for archivists and librarians, especially in developing countries. It makes a detailed review of the systems and principles relevant to the planning and implementation of a programme for the preservation and restoration of paper documents and books. Comments on the preliminary version of this study were requested from experts of the International Council of Archives, specialists in this field. This study contains the most recent results and experience in the field of archival research.

Table of Contents (short version):
1. Paper as Support

2. Inks, the Graphic Elements of Documents
3. Causes and Effects of Deterioration

4. Preventive Methods of Conservation

5. Conservation Controls

6. Restoration

7. Summary

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