04 May 2010

PIXE 2004 Proceedings (2004)

Title: PIXE 2004 Proceedings
Reference: Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Particle-Induced X-ray Emission and its Analytical Applications, 4-8 June 2004, Portoroz, Slovenia
Link: http://pixe2004.ijs.si/

Topic: Archaeometry and Conservation

Chemical analyses and archaeometallurgy: problems and possibilities, Alessandra Giumlia-Mair

Analysis of silver coins by external PIXE, Venkatatari Vijayan, R.K. Choudhury, C.B. Patel

PIXE measurement of very thick multilayers, Guy Demortier

Analysis of Slovenian Historic Materials, Žiga Šmit, Miloš Budnar, Primož Pelicon, Jure Simčič, M. Kos, J. Istenič

An Archaeometric Application of External Beam PIXE: Colour-Reconstruction of an Ancient Egyptian Temple Relief, Corinna Frommold, Wolfram Bremser, I. Reiche, U. Reinholz, S. Seidlmayer, H.-P. Weise

SPM Analysis of Firing Technology on Ru Porcelain, Songlin Feng, Feng Xiangqian, Yong Lei, Lin Cheng, Xu Qing, Yin Sha, Milko Jakšić

PIXE Analysis of Iron Gall Inks - Analytical Problems, Mitja Uršič, Miloš Budnar, Jure Simčič, Primož Pelicon

Application of PIXE in the provenance study of ancient Chinese white porcelains, Feng Xiangqian, Songlin Feng, Yin Sha, Milko Jakšić

Comparison of PIXE, AAS, ICP-MS and NAA for determination of metals in paper, Vid Simon Šelih, M. Strlič, J. Kolar, Miloš Budnar, Jure Simčič, Radojko Jaćimović, Marjan Veber

Use of in-air PIXE method to study iron gall ink containing documents within InkCor project, Miloš Budnar, Jure Simčič, Mitja Uršič, Primož Pelicon, Z. Rupnik, J. Kolar, M. Strlič

Preliminary Applications of the Surrey External Beam Facility, Prashant Mistry, Roger Webb, Chris Jeynes, Karen Kirkby, Michael Merchant, Tony Clough, Geoffrey Grime

PIXE and SPM Analysis of Ancient Chinese Porcelain of Hutian Kiln, Lin Cheng, Songlin Feng, Fan Chang-Sheng, Zhang Wen-Jiang, Cheng Huang-Sheng, Milko Jakšić, Chai Zhi-Fang

Study on Porcelain of Jun Tai by SRXRF and PIXE, Yong Lei, Songlin Feng, Milko Jakšić, W.J. Zhao, Q.Y. Zhao

Differential PIXE measurements for the stratigraphic analysis of the painting “Madonna dei fusi” by Leonardo da Vinci, Novella Grassi, A. Migliori, Pier Andrea Mandó, H. Calvo del Castillo

Iridescent Art Nouveau Tiffany glass – simultaneous PIGE, PIXE, and RBS for non-destructive determination of the glass composition, Dubravka Jembrih-Simbuerger, C. Neelmeijer, M. Maeder, M. Schreiner

Application of PIXE and PIGE under variable incident ion beam angle to several fields of archaeometry, Georges Weber, L. Martinot, Ph. George, D. Strivay, H.P. Garnir

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