16 July 2010

Enamels and enamelling (1900)

Title: Enamels and enamelling, an introduction to the preparation and application of all kinds of enamels for technical and artistic purposes, for enamel makers, workers in gold and silver and manufacturers of objects of art
Author: Paul Randau
Publisher: Scott, Greenwood and co.
Year: 1900
Pages: 236
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Note: Resource kindly indicated by Nina Horvat

Table of Contents (short version):

I. Introduction
II. The Composition and Properties of Glass
III. Raw Materials for the Manufacture of Enamels
IV. Substances Added to Produce Opacity
V. Fluxes
VI. Pigments
VII. Decolorising Agents
VIII. Testing the Raw Materials and Enamel Mass
Ix. Subsidiary Materials
X. Preparing the Materials for Enamel-Making
XI. Mixing the Materials
XII. The Enamel Mass
XIII. Appliances for Smelting the Enamel Mass
XIV. Smelting the Charge
XV. Composition of Enamel Masses
XVI. Composition of Masses for Ground Enamels
XVII. Composition of Cover Enamels
XVIII Preparing the Articles for Enameling
XIX. Applying the Enamel
XX. Firing the Ground Enamel
XXI. Applying and Firing the Cover Enamel or Glaze
XXII. Repairing Defects in Enamelled Ware
XXIII. Enamelling Articles of Sheet Metal
XXIV. Decorating Enamelled Ware
XXV. Specialties in Enamelling
XXVI. Dial-Plate Enamelling
XXVII. Enamels for Artistic Purposes

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