11 July 2010

Preprints: 8th European Conference on Research for Protection, Conservation and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage (2008)

Title: 8th European Conference on Research for Protection, Conservation and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage, Conference Preprints
Editor: Jana Kolar
Reference: November 10-12, 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia
ISBN: 978-961-6551-25-0
Link: http://www.uni-muenster.de/...

Note: Resource kindly indicated by Goran Budija

Table Of Contents:

Papertreat Project - Preserving Our Paper-Based Collections

The Impact Of The Promet Project For Providing State-Of-The-Art And Sustainable Preservation For Metals Collections

Europe At Cusbo For The Analysis Of Paintings: A Research Infrastructure For Cultural Heritage

Eu Project Propaint - Assessment Of Environmental Protection For Paintings Offered By Microclimate Frames And Varnishes

Sensor System For Detection Of Harmful Environments For Pipe Organs (Sensorgan)

Protection Of Cultural Heritage Against Graffiti Vandalism: The Graffitage Project

Recent Advances In Smart Monitoring Of Historic Structures

Advanced Techniques For Seismic Protection Of Historical Buildings

Cultural Heritage Protection Against Flood (Chef) – A European Fp6 Research Project

Coherent Metrology In Impact Assessment Of Movable Artwork: The Multiencode Project

Effects Of Artificial Ageing Procedure On Canvas Model Paintings Monitored In Micro Scale

Optical Spectroscopy For The Non-Invasive Analysis Of Commonly Found Paint Varnishes And Binding Media

Defect Growth In Model Panel Paintings By Full Field Interferometry

Impact Of Co2 And Precipitation Change On The Built Cultural Heritage

Knowledge Exchange And Building Simulation To Optimise An Archive Repository Environment

Rgb-Itr Application For Cultural Heritage: A Practical Case Approached In The Church Of Ss. Trinity In Hrastovljie

Virtual Reconstruction Of A Medieval Sculpture

Spectrofluorimetric Characterization Of Biological Attack In Artworks

Stabilisation Of Iron Gall Ink: Aqueous Treatment With Magnesium Phytate

Papertech: New Polymeric Materials And Innovative Technologies For Paper Conservation

Use Of Paper Mats Prepared From The Compounds In Neem And Negundo Leaves

In Preservation Of Archival And Library Materials

High-Throughput And In Situ X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Of Pigment Libraries

Implementing The Results Of The Research Project "Eureka E! 3129/Antique Leather"
In The Restoration Of Leather Book Covers

The Monitoring Of Indoor Museum Environments And The Impact Of Their Corrosivity On Complex Organic Materials

Cultural Heritage And Sustainable Tourism

Simulation Of The Indoor Microclimate Of Historic Buildings With Different Visitor Attendance

Desalination Of Masonry Structures. Expected Results Of The Eu Project Desalination

How Do Conservators Tackle Desalination? An International Survey Of Current Poulticing Methods

Influence Of Rotational Stiffness Between Column Elements On Global Stability Of Historical Constructions

The Research Program On Historic Centres In The Provinces Of Cosenza (Cs) And Crotone (Kr), Calabria, Italy. Architectural

Heritage, Urban Structures, Landscapes

Can Architectural Shapes Help Deciphering Data And Structuring Information? An Attempt Through Case Studies

The Binding Media Of The Polychromy Of Qin Shihuang’s Terracotta

Problems And Potentials Of The Building Stock In Bucharest, Romania. From Inventory To Strategic Planning

Criteria For The Selection Of Reinforced Concrete Structures To Be Preserved

Project Of Reconstruction Of The Old Bridge In Mostar

Discrimination Of Consolidants Based On Uv Laser Excitation And The Induced Photodamage

The Effect Of Protective Coatings On The Mechanical And Physical Properties Of Natural Stone

The Use Of Nir With Chemometrics For Non-Destructive Condition Assessment Of Cellulose Acetate Negative Films

Methodology Of Material Selection For Mass Conservation Treatment

The Monastery And The City: Revisiting Franciscan Heritage, Searching For New Cultural Exchanges

Pico-Second Time-Resolved Optical Spectroscopy For The Analysis Of Wood

Tecsis Project: Submarine Campaign In Napoli's Archaeological Area

Conservation Of The Wallpaper From Gozze Palace, Dubrovnik

Calcium Alkoxides: A New Promising Route For Consolidation Of Deteriorated Limestone

The Church Of The Visitation Of The Blessed Virgin Mary In Voćin - Modern Methods In Origin Parts Reconstruction

The Influence Of Metal Weighting On The Stability Of Silk

Assessing The Physical State Of Historic Textiles Via Nir Spectroscopy

The Technology Of The Preparation Of The Finishing Layer Of The Baroque Façade In The Novo Celje Court

Impact Of Moisture Conditioning On Polychrome Wood With Artificial Tempera
Salt Reduction Through Poulticing. Which Factors Really Matter?

Acoustic Microscopy Applied To Art Objects Analysis

Stabilisation Of Paper Containing Copper

A Short Review Of Research On Historic Wallpaper In Croatia

Research On Techniques Using For The Retrofitting Of Historical Masonry Structures
Case Study Deniz Palas Building

An Integrated Approach To The Characterization Of Historical Mortars Of Some Slovenian Monuments

A Comparison Of Pigments Applied In An Original Painting By El Greco And In A Copy By An Anonymous Follower

Differences And Similarities In The Materials And Techniques Of Medieval Mural Painting In The Coastal Region Of Slovenia

Composite Artworks: Art Historical And Scientific Analyses

Built Heritage In The Integral Safeguarding Of The Karst Cultural Landscape

Popart: A European Project About The Preservation Of Plastic Artefacts In Museum Collections

Desalination Of Masonry Structures. Fine Tuning Of Poultices To Substrate Properties

The Microclimate Inside The Lancisiana Library In Rome

Damage Assessment Of Archival Parchment By Scanning Probe Microscopy, Spectroscopic, And Thermal Techniques

Vernacular Building Heritage In The Western Black Sea Region In Turkey

New Finance Models For The Built Cultural Heritage

A Different Approach To Study Microbial Colonized Assets And Environments

Is Protection Of Archaeological Heritage As Seen In The Discourse Of Modern Museology - In Conflict With Contemporary

Archaeological Theory And Ethics?

Storage Of Cultural Heritage In The Russian State Library: Our Experience

Dead Sea Scrolls: Materials Characterisation By Means Of Ir-Ers, Synchrotron Based μ-Ftir Spectroscopy, μ-Xrf And Sem

Risk Assessment Of Open Air Ethnographic Museum From Bucharest Using Photonics

Recommendations For Different Approaches In Nde Assesment Of Wooden Cultural Heritage Structures Or How To Avoid Potential


On The Authentication And Traceability Of Parchments

U-Itr: A 3d Laser Scanner Prototype Aimed At Underwater Archaeology Applications

Monitoring Of Indoor Environments In Museums And Collections: Current Practice And Future Prospects

Operha Project: Approach To The Strengthening Of Heritage Buildings By Low-Impact And Innovative Technologies

Rehablitation Of The Old Bridge In Mostar - A Quality Control Story

The Old Town Of Ljubuški – Condition And Taken Researches Description

Investigations On The Possibilities Of Identification Of Various Types Of Soiling And Paper Compounds Using Nir Spectroscopy

Marble As Building Veneer: Case Studies On Its Bowing Potential

Assessment Of Thermal Response As Tool For Sustainable Management Of Heritage Buildings

Positive Findings In Laser Restoration Of Collagenous Structures: Leather And Parchment

Study Of The Solubility And Migration Of Inks In Manuscripts With Icp-Ms And Additional Data From Ftir

The Effect Of Airborne Ammonia On The Deterioration Of Murals

Integrated Non-Invasive Archaeological Research: From Basic Research To Cultural Heritage Management

Red Pigment’s Diagnostic By Libs And Lif Techniques
And Determination Of Influence Of Laser Radiation @1064nm On Them

Diagnosis Of Historic Structures Based On Dynamic Measurements
Research At The Centre For Urban Construction And Rehabilitation “Cure”

Initial Stages Of Carbonate Weathering – Climate Chamber Studies Under Realistic Pollution Conditions

Mineralogical And Petrophysical Comparative Study Of Calcareous Stones
Used In The Architectural Heritage Of Granada (South Spain)

Easel Oil Paintings’ Pigments Of The 19th And First Half Of The 20th Cent.
(Analysis Carried Out On Pictures, Artist Palettes And Historical Paints)

Study Of Consolidants Based On Silica Dispersion Applied On Porous Material

Evaluation Of The Performance Of Desalination Treatments
In A Selected Case Study By Means Of Non Destructive Analyses

Cultural Heritage And New Technologies: A Gps Guide To Roman Town Emona

Conservation Practice Meets Research – Improving The Synergy Towards Safeguarding Our Cultural Heritage

European Master Level Education On Protection Of Cultural Heritage: National Experiences And European Perspectives

Cost Training School In Ch As An Instrument Of Training And Networking In Europe

Communicating The Heritage Of Emona: What Does Public Want? Potentials And Strategies

Mediterranean Conservation Alliance

Educating Tomorrow’s Cultural Heritage Leaders Using Interdisciplinary, Case-Based Learning

Education And Training: From Research To Stakeholders And Back

A Geological Walk Of Historic Building Stone Sites In The City Of Maastricht (The Netherlands)

3d Replica Of The Basarabi Churches

Communities Of Inquiry’ And ‘Blended Learning’
Teaching An Interdisciplinary Approach To Conservation Of Ethnographic Objects

Internet-Based Training Modules For Conservators

Survenir Project- A Dedicated Instrument For Collection Surveys

Recent Developments In Non- And Micro-Destructive Analysis Of Historical Paper

Innovative Technology For The Conservation Of Stained Glass Windows:
A User-Friendly Portable Device Coming From The Eu-Vidrio Project

Systematic Mapping Of The Literature To Identify Research Needs On Climate Change And Cultural Heritage

Information Technologies And Cultural Heritage:
Innovative Tools For The Support In The Participative Management Of Historical Centres

Laser Cleaning In Conservation Practice: The Analysis Of A Successful Technology Transfer Process

Application Of Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy In The Authentication Of Metal Artefacts

Knowledge Transfer From A Stakeholder Perspective

Research On Organic Volatiles In Archival Collections Meets Practice

Fire Safety Of Nineteenth Century Cast-Iron Structures Through A Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Analysis Of A Water Mist

Fire Suppression System

Monitoring Of Historic Surfaces In High Definition

I-Ssb Techniques Towards Preservation Of Historic Buildings

Protection And Conservation Of Cultural Artefacts By Irradiation. Croatian Experience

Using Digital Models To Make Exact 3d Layouts Of Interesting Cultural Heritage Places

Advances In Materials Research To Assure Compatibility
In Protection Of Monuments: From Research To Development And Application

The Ec-Pharos Project: A Successful Transfer Of Knowledge For The Protection Of Stone Lighthouses

The Production Of Polymer Based Agglomerates With Recovered Slate Powder

Development Of An Innovative Diagnostic Strategy

To Evaluate The Deterioration Degree Of Paper Items Of Historical, Artistic And Archaeological Value

Metakaolin Modified Lime Mortars In Czech Restoration Practice

Practices Of Monitoring And Maintenance Of Architectural Heritage In Europe: Examples Of “Monumentenwacht” Type Of

Initiatives And Their Organisational

Maritime Cultural Heritage Of The Mediterranean

Energy Efficiency Research In Historic And Protected Buildings. A Review Of Existing Norwegian Research And Results
Energy Efficiency In Cultural Heritage Buildings – Nordic Approach

Challenges And Possibilities For The Cultural Heritage Sector; With Emphasis On Development In The Field Of Policy,

Management And Research

Ectp Focus Area Cultural Heritage And Its Role For Improved Coordination Of The Built Cultural Heritage At Eu Level

Characterising Historic Landscapes In Europe

Economics And Built Heritage

A Research Net For The Future Of Cultural Heritage

Heritage Conservation And Sustainable Development – Initiatives In The United States

Crespi D’adda: Permanence And Transformation Of A Company Town In The Unesco World Heritage List

The Cultural Value Of The Built Heritage In The International Documents Dedicated

To The Preservation Of The Cultural Heritage

The Archaeological Park Activity In Slovenia: But When?

Who Controls The Past.... An Investigation Into The Role Of Heritage In Post-Conflict Nation Narration

Integrated Conservation - Negotiating Urban Heritage Values.

Towards Standard Quality Control Of Paper Mass Deacidification

Snežnik Castle – A Jewel To Be Enjoyed Without Too Much Damage

Sustainability Strategies For The Preservation Of Cultural Heritage

Preservation Of Modern Movement Architecture – Building Of Two Secondary Schools In Krizaniceva Street, Zagreb

Issues In Relation To Conservation Of 20th-Century Architectural Heritage Of Turkey

Former T.C. Central Bank Izmir Branch Building

Tracking Tourists To Discover Patterns Of Movement In Heritage Sites

Monitoring, Mapping And Modelling The Environment Of St. Paul’s Cathedral Library, London

The Economics Of Heritage And The Role Of Heritage In The Economy: A Review

Preservation Management And Risk Assessment In Slovenian Archives

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