30 November 2008

Building an Emergency Plan (1999)

Title: Building an Emergency Plan: A Guide for Museums and Other Cultural Institutions
Author: Valerie Dorge and Sharon L. Jones
Publisher: The Getty Conservation Institute
Year: 1999
Pages: 281
Link: http://www.getty.edu/...
PDF (3.4 Mb)

Table of contents:

Part I For the Director
Chapter 1 An Introduction to Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning
Chapter 2 The Role of the Director

Part II For the Emergency Preparedness Manager
Chapter 3 The Role of the Emergency Preparedness Manager and the Emergency Preparedness Committee
Chapter 4 Communications
Chapter 5 Training

Part III For the Departmental Team Leaders
Chapter 6 The Safety and Security Team
Chapter 7 The Collections Team
Chapter 8 The Buildings and Maintenance Team
Chapter 9 The Administration and Records Team

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Scott M. Haskins said...

Nicely done blog. Very clean and informative.

Please review the book at www.saveyourstuff.com, "How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster." When I wrote it, it was reviewed by our profession and universally got high marks. Its an attempt to reach out to the public with art conservation principles that they can implement safely to protect and save their important family history items, collectibles, memorabilia etc at home.

Also, regarding your blogging interest, take note while you are at the site of the Wordpress blog. I also have a Blogspot blog at www.fineartconservationlab.blogspot.com. We were not keeping up with this blog for awhile in favor of other venues but we are back at it now.

All my best.

Scott M. Haskins