30 November 2008

Cellulose Nitrate in Conservation

Title: Cellulose Nitrate in Conservation
Author: Charles Selwitz
Publisher: The Getty Conservation Institute
Year: 1988
Pages: 71
Format: PDF (556 Kb)
Link: http://www.getty.edu/...

Table of contents:

Chapter 1. The Use of Cellulose Nitrate in Art Conservation
Chapter 2. The Structural Chemistry of Commercial Cellulose Nitrate
Chapter 3. Causes of Instability
Chapter 4. Cellulose Nitrate Stability at Ambient Conditions
Chapter 5. The Use of Cellulose Nitrate as an Adhesive for Ceramics
Chapter 6. The Use of Cellulose Nitrate as a Metals Coating
Appendix. Proprietary Material Cited in the Text

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