06 December 2008

Audiovisual collections in Europe (2008)

Title: Tracking the reel world: A survey of audiovisual collections in Europe
Authors: Edwin Klijn and Yola de Lusenet
Publisher: TAPE (Training for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe)
Year: 2008
Pages: 168
ISBN: 978-90-6984-546-3
Website: http://www.tape-online.net/...
Link: http://www.tape-online.net/... (PDF, 2.45 Mb)

Description: 'Tracking the reel world' presents the results of a study on audiovisual collections undertaken in the framework of the TAPE project. Based on data collected from hundreds of organizations from all over Europe, most of them archives, libraries, museums (and research) institutes that hold audiovisual recordings as minority collections, this is the first extensive report on preservation and access of sound and moving image materials outside the broadcasting sector and large audiovisual archives.

Table of contents (short version):
1. Introduction
2. Survey population
3. Collections
4. Preservation
5. Digitization
6 Access and use
Appendix A. Calculating amounts of material
Survey factsheet
Selected websites

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