25 January 2010

Chemical-Physical and Structural Characteristics of Panel Painting (2009)

Title: The Effect of Preservative Interventions on the Chemical-Physical and Structural Characteristics of Panel Painting
Author: Mikiko Hayashi
University: University of Bologna (Italy)
Year: 2009
Type of document: PhD thesis
Download: http://amsdottorato.cib.unibo.it/... (pdf, 6.45 Mb)

This work studies the impact of two traditional Romanian treatments, Red Petroleum and Propolis, in terms of real efficiency and consequence on the wooden artifacts. The application of these solutions is still a widely adopted and popular technique in preservative conservation but the impact of these solutions is not well known. It is important to know the effect of treatments on chemical-physical and structural characteristics of the artifacts, not only for understanding the influence on present conditions but also for foreseeing the future behavior. These treatments with Romanian traditional products are compared with a commercial antifungal product, Biotin R, which is utilized as reference to control the effectiveness of Red Petroleum and Propolis. Red Petroleum and Propolis are not active against mould while Biotin R is very active. Mould attack is mostly concentrated in the painted layer, where the tempera, containing glue and egg, enhance nutrition availability for moulds. [...]

Table of contents (compact version):

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Need and issues for preservative interventions for panel paintings
1.2 Scope of thesis

Chapter 2: Background
2.1 Panel painting
2.2 Behavior of wood used for support of panel painting
2.3 Treatment of panel painting
2.4 Durability of wood against fungi and insects

Chapter 3: Materials and Methods
3.1 Wood species
3.2 Treatment solutions
3.3 Moisture conditioning
3.4 Insect attack test
3.5 Methods and techniques

Chapter 4: Results and Discussion
4.1 Moisture conditioning
4.2 Insect attack test

Chapter 5: Conclusions
5.1 Conclusions
5.2 Critical assessment for this research and suggestions for future research

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