25 January 2010

Physical and mineralogical changes of monumental stones (2009)

Title: Physical and mineralogical changes of Hungarian monumental stones exposed to different conditions: stone-testing in-situ and under laboratory conditions
Author: Magdalini Theodoridou
University: University of Bologna (Italy)
Year: 2009
Type of document: PhD thesis
Download: http://amsdottorato.cib.unibo.it/... (pdf, 4.6 Mb)

The Székesfehérvár Ruin Garden is a unique assemblage of monuments belonging to the cultural heritage of Hungary due to its important role in the Middle Ages as the coronation and burial church of the Kings of the Hungarian Christian Kingdom. It has been nominated for “National Monument” and as a consequence, its protection in the present and future is required. Moreover, it was reconstructed and expanded several times throughout Hungarian history. By a quick overview of the current state of the monument, the presence of several lithotypes can be found among the remained building and decorative stones. Therefore, the research related to the materials is crucial not only for the conservation of that specific monument but also for other historic structures in Central Europe. [...]

Table of contents (compact version):
1. Introduction
2. Brief Description of the Hungarian History Focused on the Middle Ages
3. Studied Site
3.1. Introduction
3.2. History and Construction Periods
3.3. Former Investigations
3.4. The Site Today
4. Studied Materials
5. Methods
5.1. In-situ Investigations
5.2. Analyses under Laboratory Conditions
6. Results
6.1. In-situ Investigations
6.2. Analyses under Laboratory Conditions
7. Discussion
8. Conclusions
9. References
10. Acknowledgements

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