29 January 2010

Protecting Immovable Heritage in sub-Saharan Africa (2009)

Title: Cultural Heritage and the law: Protecting Immovable Heritage in English-Speaking Countries of sub-Saharan Africa
Editor: Webber Ndoro, Albert Mumma and George Abungu
Publisher: ICCROM
Year: 2009
Link: http://www.iccrom.org/... (pdf, 5.4 Mb)

Table of contents:

1. Challenges of heritage management in Africa
2. Introduction to heritage in Africa
3. Introduction to international conventions and chartes on inmovable cultural heritage
4. Legal definitions of heritage
5. the ranking of heritage resources and sites in legislation
6. Administrative arrangements for heritage resources management in sub-Saharan Africa
7. Manegement mechanisms in heritage legislation
8. Powers and obligations in heritage legislation
9. Implementations and enforcement of heritage laws
10. Legal provisions on financial and human resources for heritage conservation
11. Framework for legislation on immovable cultural heritage in Africa
12. Heritage Policy and law-making processes
Appendix 1. Heritage laws in sub-Saharan Africa
Appendix 2. Glossary and definitions
Appendix 3. Charters and conventions

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