18 March 2010

Big Stuff '07 (2007)

Title: BigStuff 2007 - Beyond Conservation - Industrial Heritage Management
Venue: Bochum and Hattingen, Germany
Date: 11-14 September 2007
http://www.bigstuff07.net/... (check links in the table of contents below)

Note: Resource kindly indicated by Goran Budija.

Table of contents (short version):

Invited Lectures (pdf, 4.71 Mb)

Large technology project plan – fundamental considerations, Alison Wain

Action plan for industrial monuments – a German attempt to improve the management of large sites, Kornelius Goetz

'Chance Denkmal' - An innovative sales practice for listed buildings, Joachim Schares

Big Stuff – Big Difference – understanding the archaeology, significance and impact of industrial heritage projects, Kate Clark

The Industrial Heritage of Modern Iron and Steelmaking in Europe: Preservation before Extinction, Rolf Hoehmann

Coatings for Industrial Heritage Surfaces– between the poles of aesthetics and durability, Stefan Brüeggerhoff

Preventative conservation of large scale industrial objects – the Victorian steamship Great Britain, Shane Casey

Running an Industrial World Heritage site: A prominent example - Ironbridge Gorge, David de Haan

Tracing history and path-finding at the World Cultural Heritage Zollverein, Ulrike Laufer

Ethical and philosophical issues of operating of functional objects; a developing approach, David Hallam

'Museumspath' Zollverein – Ways through the industrial heritage, Thorsten Seifert

Training of Volunteers in Aviation Heritage conservation, Brian Barker

Industrial monuments - gains and losses, Athanasios Chatsigogas

Country report: Czech Republic, Milos Matej

BigStuff in a Small Country. Experiences of Conservation of Large Size Industrial Heritage in Belgium, Patrick Viaene

Conservation of Large-Scale Modern Cultural Heritage in Japan, Nakayama Shunsuke

BigStuff 07 – Country Update for the United States, Scott See

IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung) Emscherpark – a successful attempt in Germany, Axel Föhl

Workshop 1
Tailoring our Understanding of Large Projects: Action Planning for Large Industrial Sites (pdf)
Marc-Antonio Barblan: Engineering Works and Scaled-down Models or Industry Laid Bare (pdf)

Workshop 2
Site Management: on Risks and Chances

Workshop 3
Repair and Conservation: Irreconcilable Opponents?

Workshop 4
Entrusted to Our Care: What Does This Mean?

Workshop 5
Pathways Through Heritage: Necessary and Encumbering

Workshop 6
"Restored to Working Glory": to Work or Not to Work?

Workshop 7
Conservation of “Burried Treasures” – Technical and Working Knowledge of Past Generations

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