18 March 2010

Values and Heritage Conservation (2000)

Title: Values and Heritage Conservation
Authors: Erica Avrami, Randall Mason, Marta de la Torre
Publisher: The Getty Conservation Institute
Year: 2000
Pages: 100
Type of document: Research Report
Download: http://www.getty.edu/... (pdf, 785 Kb)

From the Preface:
This report presents the results of research on the subject of the values and benefits of cultural heritage conservation undertaken by the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) through its Agora initiative, as a means of articulating and furthering ideas that have emerged from the conservation field in recent years. This transdisciplinary research, along with a parallel project on the economics of heritage conservation, re p resents an effort of the GCI to advance understanding of conservation’s current role in society, to educate ourselves and the conservation community at large about the potential role of conservation in the future, and, ultimately, to strengthen the capacity of the conservation field to enrich cultural life and the visual arts in societies worldwide.

Table of Contents (short version):

Report on Research
The Spheres and Challenges of Conservation
Conservation Perspectives
Values, Valorization, and Cultural Significance
The Need for a Conceptual Framework

Exploratory Essays
Stewarding the Past in a Perplexing Present, David Lowenthal
Economic and Cultural Value in the Work of Creative Artists, David Throsby
Cultural Heritage and Globalization, Lourdes Arizpe
Cultural Heritage, Liberal Education, and Human Flourishing, Uffe Juul Jensen
Cultural Fusion, Erik Cohen
Preserving the Historic Urban Fabric in a Context of Fast-Paced Change, Mona Serageldin
The Making of Cultural Heritage, Susan M. Pearce
Challenges for Heritage Conservation and the Role of Research on Values, Daniel Bluestone

Appendix: Values Bibliography

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