18 March 2010

BigStuff (2004)

Title: BigStuff: Care of Large Technology Objects
Editor: Alison Wain
Venue: Australian War Memorial, Canberra, Australia
Date: 29 September – 01 October 2004
ISBN: 09751904 3 1
Files: individual pdf files
Download: http://www.awm.gov.au/...

Note: Resource kindly indicated by Goran Budija.

Table of contents:

Ethics and Approaches
A curatorial perspective, John White
Managing perceptions and resources, Alayne Alvis
Questions and answers, Alayne Alvis
Care of floating maritime objects, Steven Adams
Conservation at The Henry Ford, Clara Deck
Large technology and the Burra Charter, Gillian Mitchell
Questions and answers, Gillian Mitchell

Treatment and Maintenance
An efficient maintenance program, Alison Wain
Questions and answers - maintenance, Alison Wain
Cellulose nitrate dope for aircraft, Andrew Pearce
Questions and answers - aircraft dope, Andrew Pearce
Gallery maintenance for large technology, Laura Kennedy
Original paint as evidence, John Kemister
Questions and answers, John Kemister
Original paint-evidence and presentation, Andrew Pearce
Questions and answers - Lancaster paint, Andrew Pearce
Pest control of Chevrolet Ridemaster, Laura Kennedy

Operating objects
A well-planned operation, Alison Wain
Questions and answers - operating objects, Alison Wain
Conservation from a tradesman's point of view, Col Ogilvie
Questions and answers, Col Ogilvie
Corrosion and wear, Hallam, Thurrowgood and Ogilvie, David Hallam, David Thurrowgood and Col Ogilvie
Questions and answers, David Hallam
Preserving significance, David Thurrowgood and David Hallam
Questions and answers, David Thurrowgood

Storage and movement
A modular storage system, Bill Lang
Questions and answers, Bill Lang
A stabilisation, movement and storage project, John Griswold
Questions and answers, John Griswold
Covering a large object, Justin Gare
Storage, handling, transport and installation, Gordon Klebba
Questions and answers, Gordon Klebba

People and skills
A volunteer perspective, Nigel Nolan and Ian Smith
Questions and answers, Nigel Nolan and Ian Smith
Capabilities and Limitations of Volunteers, Kornelius Götz
Questions and answers, Kornelius Götz
Training at West Dean College, Chris Knapp
Questions and answers, Chris Knapp

Practical tips
Digital photography for LTOs, Sarah Clayton and Alison Wain
Make-your-own mannequins, Sarah Clayton
Question and answers, Sarah Clayton
Wireless remote data logger, Paul Pounds
A maintenance survey sheet
B maintenance survey sheet
LTO display maintenance sheet
LTO maintenance and movement log sheet
LTO maintenance information sheet-10 wheels
LTO Maintenance Schedule

Discussion session
Discussion session - future directions

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