31 March 2010

iPRES 2009

Title: iPRES 2009: the Sixth International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects
Conference Date: October 5-6, 2009
Conference Venue: San Francisco, California, USA
Year: 2009
online view and pdf of each article at http://www.escholarship.org/...
Download: Vídeos and presentations are available at http://www.cdlib.org/...

Table of contents:

Stephen Abrams, et al., An Emergent Micro-Services Approach to Digital Curation Infrastructure

Reinhard Altenhöner, e-Infrastructure and Digital Preservation: Challenges and Outlook

Martha Anderson, et al., The National Digital Stewardship Alliance Charter: Enabling Collaboration to Achieve National Digital Preservation

Emmanuelle Bermès, Louise Faudet, The Human Face of Digital Preservation: Organizational and Staff Challenges, and Initiatives at the Bibliothèque nationale de France

Geoffrey Brown, Kam Woods, Born Broken: Fonts and Information Loss in Legacy Digital Documents

Priscilla Caplan, et al., Towards Interoperable Preservation Repositories (TIPR)

Esther Conway, et al., Curating Scientific Research Data for the Long Term: A Preservation Analysis Method in Context

Angela Dappert, Adam Farquhar, Implementing Metadata that Guides Digital Preservation Services

Angela Di Iorio, A Translation Layer to Convey Preservation Metadata

David Giaretta, et al., Significant Properties, Authenticity, Provenance, Representation Information and OAIS Information

David Giaretta, Tools for Preservation and Use of Complex and Diverse Digital Resources

Rebecca Guenther, Robert Wolfe, Integrating Metadata Standards to Support Long-Term Preservation of Digital Assets: Developing Best Practices for Expressing Preservation Metadata in a Container Format

Mark Guttenbrunner, et al., Digital Archeology: Recovering Digital Objects from Audio Waveforms

Ulla Bøgvad Kejser, et al., Cost Model for Digital Curation: Cost of Digital Migration

Matthew Kirschenbaum, et al., Preserving Access to Computers as Complete Environments

Christopher Lee, et al., Mainstreaming Preservation through Slicing and Dicing of Digital Repositories: Investigating Alternative Service and Resource Options for Context Miner Using Data Grid Technology

Henry Lowood, Memento Mundi: Are Virtual Worlds History?

Jens Ludwig, Into the Archive: Potential and Limits of Standardizing the Ingest

Brian Matthews, et al., Towards a Methodology for Software Preservation

David Minor, et al., Chronopolis: Preserving our Digital Heritage

Maureen Pennock, Richard Davis, ArchivePress: A Really Simple Solution to Archiving Blog Content

Klaus Rechert, et al., Novel Workflows for Abstract Handling of Complex Interaction Processes in Digital Preservation

Rainer Schmidt, et al., A Framework for Distributed Preservation Workflows

Sabine Schrimpf, Lessons Learned: Moving a Digital Preservation Network from Project Organization to Sustainability

Pauline Sinclair, et al., Are You Ready? Assessing Whether Organisations are Prepared for Digital Preservation

Johanna Smith, Pam Armstrong, Preserving the Digital Memory of the Government of Canada: Influence and Collaboration with Records Creators

David Tarrant, Steve Hitchcock, Les Carr, Where the Semantic Web and Web 2.0 Meet Format Risk Management: P2 Registry

René van Horik, Dirk Roorda, MIXED: Repository of Durable File Format Conversions

Tyler Walters, Distributed Digital Preservation: Technical, Sustainability, and Organizational Developments

Paul Wheatley, Brian Hole, LIFE3: Predicting Long Term Digital Preservation Costs

Wolfgang Wilkes, et al., Towards Support for Long-Term Digital Preservation in Product Life Cycle Management

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