02 April 2010

Article: Museums, Disruptive Technologies and Organisational Change (2008)

Title: Making Ways for Change: Museums, Disruptive Technologies and Organisational Change
: Darren Peacock

: Museum Management and Curatorship

: 2008

: 23
Issue: 4
: 333-351

: 10.1080/09647770802517324

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This paper aims to stimulate discussion about the nature of technology-related organisational change and how it is managed within museums. It argues that how we think about and understand change affects our ability to anticipate, shape and direct it. Drawing upon perspectives from sociology, information systems, management and organisation theory, this paper explores how we might understand and better manage change within the museums sector generally and, in particular, that which arises in our use of digital information and communication technologies (ICTs). It advocates the conscious use of theory, particularly organisational theory, to encourage new perspectives on organisations and the challenge of change represented by technology. Organisational theory particularly that informed by the 'new science' of complexity provides a rich source of insights about the nature of change which have so far been lacking in the discussion of digital cultural heritage within museums.

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