02 April 2010

Article: characterization of pigments by reflectance spectroscopy (2008)

Title: Optical characterization of pigments by reflectance spectroscopy in support of UV laser cleaning treatments

Authors: S. Acquaviva, E. D’Anna, M. L. De Giorgi, A. Della Patria, L. Pezzati
Reference: Applied Physics A, Volume 92, Number 1, July 2008, pp. 223-227
DOI: 10.1007/s00339-008-4486-2
Download: http://www.ino.it/... (pdf, 344 Kb)

The study of optical properties of artwork materials is of fundamental importance for laser-based restoration techniques. In this work, reflectance spectroscopic measurements and colorimetric analyses of painted wooden models were performed to discriminate between pigments on the basis of their spectral features. In particular, the spectral reflection factors of different white pigments were recorded with a fibre optics reflectance spectroscopy module, both before and after excimer laser (248 nm) irradiation. Colour data were obtained and monitored with an integrating sphere spectrophotometer and expressed with the CIE L*a*b* colour coordinates. Moreover, the laser-induced morphological changes of the samples were investigated by scanning electron microscopy.

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