08 April 2010

Article: 2D and 3D optical diagnistic techniques (2004)

Title: 2D and 3D optical diagnostic techniques applied to Pisanello's "Portrait of Lionello D'Este"
: R. Bellucci, P. Carcagnì, A. Della Patria, R. Fontana, C. Frosinini, M. Gambino, M. Greco, L. Marras, M. Materazzi, E. Pampaloni, A. Pelagotti, L.
Pezzati, P. Poggi
: Proceedings of the International Tropical Meeting on Optical Sensing and Artificial Vision, OSAV'2004, Saint Petersburg

: http://www.ino.it/... (pdf, 4.3 Mb)

Abstract: We describe devices and methods for imaging analysis and 3D survey of artworks developed at INOA, in collaboration with OPD, and the results obtained on Pisanello's "Portrait of Lionello d'Este", dating back to the XV century. [...]

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