08 April 2010

Thesis: Analysis of oil paint (2002)

Title: Microspectroscopic analysis of traditional oil paint
Author: Jaap van der Weerd
University: University of Amsterdam
Year: 2002
ISBN: 90-801704-8-8
Type of document: PhD thesis
Download: http://www.amolf.nl/... (pdf)
New link: http://dare.uva.nl/... (pdf)

Table of contents (short version):

1. Imaging studies in paintings research
2. The identification of pigments in paint cross-sections by reflection visible light imaging miceospectroscopy (VIS-imaging)
3. A practical evaluation of preparation methods and accessories for the infrared spectroscopic analysis of traditional paint
4. FTIR microscopic imaging of an embedded paint cross-section
5. FTIR studies of the effects of pigments in the ageing of oil
6. Chemical changes in old master paintings: dissolution, metal soap formation, and remineralisation processes in lead pigmented paint layers of 17th centrury paintings
7. Metal carboxylates in the grounds of 19th century preprimed canvases used by F. Church
8. Zinc soap aggregate formation in 'Falling Leaves (Les Alyscamps)' by Vincent van Gogh


Zach said...

This book seems very interesting, does anyone know how it is? I never realized how much zinc was in so many products and items like Zinc Soap.

MariaThomas said...

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