08 April 2010

Preservation of photographic material (2009)

Title: Preservation of photographic material
Author: Susie Clark
Publisher: The British Library
Series: Preservation guidance booklets
Pages: 19
ISBN: 978 0 7123 0909 7
Download: http://www.bl.uk/... (pdf, 500 Kb)

From the Introduction:
Photographs are housed in libraries, archives and museums all over the world. Whilst photographic conservation is a relatively new specialism and treatment options are often limited, it is usually possible to prolong the life of a photograph through good preservation practices in handling, housekeeping and storage. This booklet describes the most common historical photographic processes,outlines the causes of deterioration and provides guidelines on good preservation practice. It is aimed at people working or volunteering in libraries, archives and museums whose responsibilities include photographic collections.Whilst the booklet focuses on monochrome photographs, much of the information is applicable to colour photographs and other imaging materials such as microfilm, x-rays and motion picture film.

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